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Jenny is the founder of My Kitch’n, which is currently run as a non-profit. The restaurant has been open for 6 years, and was a precursor to the now booming vegan restaurant scene in France. The project started out as a market stall in the covered market down the street from the current location, in a neighborhood that is slated to become the new judicial district of Paris.

Before starting her own business, Jenny helped restructure or set-up and launch various high-end hospitality and entertainment industry projects in dreamy locations such as Ibiza, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Jenny has been formally schooled in pertinent advocacy subjects and draws on academic knowledge in subjects such as botany, cultural anthropology, oceanography, consumer behavior and feminism in her day-to-day activism, speeches and lectures.

She holds a BA in Political Science from UCLA, with a minor in Mass Communication, and a MBA specialized in Marketing from a French business school. 

During her BA she focused on pre-law and communication. She studied global environmental politics, jurisprudence, legal and political communication extensively.

During her MBA she focused on branding, consumer behavior, creating and launching new products and services. She wrote her Master’s Thesis about Ibiza, which was known as a, “Hedonistic hellhole” at the time…

A life-long lover of animals, she has refrained from meat and dairy most of her life. As many people, she felt zero empathy for fish however and so did not mind sushi when eating out, up until environmental reasoning (plastic ocean pollution and overfishing) made her come to her senses and go fully vegan.

She has authored two vegan books, “Feed your face: change your fuel”, and, “Protein: less is more”. She has also written a children’s book telling the tale of her formerly-feral stray rescue roommate, “Oscar le Bandit”, from street thug to cuddle bug. 

“I enthusiastically advocate healthy living. From the food we put in our bodies, to exercise, to the beauty and cleaning products we use: I strongly believe that many lifestyle diseases can be avoided by adopting proper habits and withstanding marketing manipulations. I rely on plants, capable of photosynthesis, to create and provide the nutrients my body needs. I underline the simple fact that food is our fuel. You really truly are what you eat and so is your hair, your skin, your nails, your teeth, your bones, your blood cells, your DNA... 

Alongside my extensive and overpriced studies I worked in the hospitality industry. I enjoyed it so much, due to the constant face-to-face interactions with people of all sorts, that I decided to continue even after completing my studies. I now have over twenty years of experience in the restaurant business, from entry level to ownership.

Why did I ‘go vegan’? Nothing made me ‘gain consciousness’ in one day. When I was a kid I had a bunch of friends: cats, bunnies, piglets, lambs, ponies... I didn’t want to eat them or wear them. I never had any fish friends though, so I didn’t mind eating them for a good number of years. I don’t find fish very cute and told myself I could kill them for survival. A lamb or rabbit, never!

As a small child I remember having to milk a cow, then drink the milk while it was still warm. That put me off for life. It’s that simple.

When I became in charge of putting food on my table and filling my own fridge, I was studying and working to put myself through school. I couldn’t eat anything that would slow me down, make me tired, drain my energy. I needed clean burning fuel and loads of energy. I avoided meat because it gave me nightmares, and I usually have jolly happy dreams.”      

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June 21




Oscar le Bandit (my rescue buddy furry feline friend and roommate), Green smoothies, carrots, apples, & Michael Jackson.


Before opening My Kitch’n I have helped setup, launch and/or restructure several top hotel restaurants and bars across 3 continents: Los Angeles, Ibiza, Dubai and Paris. 


- Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts

- Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, minor Mass Communication

- Master’s Degree in International Marketing


Paris, France


Marketing & business development.


Venue planning and construction, PR, branding, identity, product development and management.


Life, plant-based food, food politics, food security, sustainable agriculture, economic and political geography, oceanography.