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Beauty, as it is often defined, has to do with the surface: the skin, hair, eyes, teeth, smile... For all of the above there are millions of brand-name creams and pills promising an instant boost to your self-esteem. Misled by advertising, you spend an enormous amount of money trying to overcome unfounded complexes created by the very companies offering you expensive and ineffective solutions. For your skin, there are ultra-healing, anti-fatigue and anti-aging creams. For dry, unruly and limp hair that needs to be "nursed back to health" there are all kinds of shampoos, oils, conditioners and masks. You can "cream your way to perfect legs" too, with cellulite-reduction creams, "toning and conditioning" creams and more. There's also make-up for just about everything! Irresistible lashes, traffic-stopping lips, "lasting perfection", "no plastic surgery needed!"...

Enough of all this hope-in-a-jar nonsense!

It's time to start nourishing yourself from the inside out rather than the outside in. No topical miracles can fix the build-up of toxins you are giving your system as fuel on a daily basis. Quite the contrary: they often make things worse by polluting your bloodstream and pores just as much as bad food does. What you apply topically circulates inside your body in a matter of minutes. And abs are made in the kitchen!

If you want to feel good about yourself, love the skin you're in, have eyes that sparkle and strong amped up hair, you need to cleanse your body, liver and kidneys and get rid of the accumulated bad fats that are clogging up your arteries and messing with your figure. To accomplish this, nothing beats organic plant-based cooking. The best part of this healthy and cruelty-free cuisine is that when it's done right, it's also delicious! So give yourself a make-over: start by cleaning out your cupboards and your fridge, then embark upon a new life, full of colors and flavors! But as you'll see, this is not a diet - it's a lifestyle.

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feed your face, go vegan!

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Feed your face: change your fuel


Re-Belle toi de l’interieure : change de carburant

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