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We are a healthy Vegan cafe, restaurant and green smoothie bar in Paris, France! Our food is homemade on location with fresh & seasonal organic produce. We are strictly plant based because animals are our friends and we strive for peaceful cohabitation on a green and blue planet for many generations to come! 

Please note that we used to have another location in the 17th arondissement of Paris; a market stall inside the Batignolles covered market. We loved being there, but we outgrew it rather quickly!

Our new place just opened! And yes, it is a proper petit restaurant with nineteen seats, a very pretty store front and a full liquor license. The atmosphere is cozy, kitsch and colorful. The music is soft and soothing, the service is kind and thoughtful and the menu offering is fresh and creative! You find dishes we made up ourselves, such as sushi burritos and colorful raw pasta, and classics such as seitan hot dogs and a risotto that changes daily.

We try to alternate the offering as much as possible, to show just how much variety there is to vegan cuisine, and to keep up with the limited supply of organic ingredients. We have to be flexible, as sometimes the harvest is weak or interrupted due to seasonal restraints. We try to keep it locavore to the extent possible, though we are addicted to avocados and bananas so we do make some exceptions...

The space is very kid friendly, kids are our biggest fans, and we have books around to keep the little ones busy!

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